Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Week Recap

Don't you hate it when you go to sit down and write nothing seems to make any sense? I have been formulating this blog post for over the last week and now that I have time to sit down, nothing comes out. So pardon me if nothing seems to make sense.

First and foremost, I have to say that I had so much fun at my boss Brian and Vanessa's wedding. From Jason being a drunk fool and hitting on the maid of honor (where we had to cock block him) to my fantastic rendition of YMCA, it was a small but great time. Also, having to watch and stay with Josh the entire time because everyone around him left we did end up having great conversation and I will forgive him for not asking me to dance. Thank god for Ryan for being there and spinning me around on the dance floor all night even if the bride's mother in law yelled at us for being too rowdy! All in all it was a funny little party, but to be honest when I am with my work peeps we make the party. 

The Jacob Deal- he has been MIA this last few weeks not wanting to even see me. So I just leave well enough alone and go on with my life as usual. I just don't understand him most of the time, he is one of the strangest creatures I have ever encountered in my dating life. I have even asked others and they all agree. He will just never understand me- so I try not to try anymore. 

The Cameron Deal- I need to stop and I have been trying to not let him get to me. I just like the attention and when I happen to be drunk at weddings I always somehow end up texting him....
I will stop this soon, I promise. 

The Aaron Deal- why does he have the need to tell me who he is sleeping with? I don't care, we are just friends. If he thinks that he is going to get some kind of "Way to go man on being a slut" he is asking the wrong person. Go whore yourself out and have fun, but be safe. I wouldn't recommend jumping from one girl into another just because she agrees to get naked with you. Boys are just so predicable sometimes. 

The Llama Deal- OMG I forgot how funny he is, but that is one of the great side-effects of not seeing someone for a while. And he can cook his ass off and made me some of the best salmon I have ever had last night. He cooked me dinner and then we watched Ghostbusters, it was a great night. Sitting on his couch I remembered when he made me hike up the Sandias with him. he pushed my boundaries and in the end I was glad to have dragged my ass up there to watch the sun set. It was great, why doesn't anyone else push me like that? 

So now I sit in my beautiful new office with our new office computers and desks. All my assistant and I saw to one another is, "We love our new office!" That's all I have in my life right now. Nothing too crazy, but still something to look forward to.