Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Days

I am so excited that I am back in school now. Yes, summer was fun working all day and reading fun books at night, but it's time to finish up my BFA so I can find my Jewish doctor. I have only went to one class so far, my class line up is super strange this semester, I can see the end in sight and my God it's beautiful. 

I had a bunch of funny things I saw yesterday like:
  • The Short Shorts: girls I can see your labia and it's not pretty, just wanted to let you know
  • Two different Russians told me to not learn Russian or ever go to Russia. It broke my spirit of becoming a Russian spy/femme fatal. Damn them! 
  • The worst tattoo in the history of the world- this girl of maybe 18 years old had "final fantasy" on her chest in the same font that is on the box. It was awful and she was a somewhat pretty girl. 
  • My European Art history teacher is the coolest lady who just got back from spending 2 years in Rome and get this-she pronounced all the French artists correctly! It's such a pet peeve of mine when teachers mispronounce French surnames. 
Aw the first day of school and all the little one's who this is their first year at college, I feel old and like a mama bear at the same time. But I have to keep reminding myself that this is the last Fall semester I will attend as an undergrad and it makes me sad just a little. On the other hand I am so excited to be learning again and to be around people with similar academic interests as me. Yesterday I had to stop myself from screaming at random class mates, "I love Art History! And you might possible do too and that is so cool!" 

Well that's all I have right now, today is Greek Philosophy and my Jewish class I start tonight, I love school!