Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pretty On The Outside

I was is such a wonderful mood yesterday. I got up and got ready, put on my $200 Coach shoes, jeans that make my ass look great, applied makeup and accessorized. I was looking mighty fly and my mood reflected that. Throughout the day I got so many compliments on my shoes that I had three different ladies stop me and ask me where I go them, "My birthday from Llama," I replied and went skipping along in my 4 inches of awesomeness. I was in such a good mood even my dentist noticed the change in me. I thought maybe July would be different than the first half of 2008 and smiled to myself when I passed out last night.

This morning though the sparkle has worn off and I have turned into a raging bitch. I'm picking fights with everyone in my path, no one is spared. I have no idea why I am acting like this today. Maybe it's cause I haven't really eaten in two days, but I haven't been hungry.

I need to shop my anger off.