Wednesday, July 2, 2008

25 Things About Me

1. I was born in the back of a Ranger's Jeep in the Sequoia National Forrest 4 weeks premature by a Ranger who told my mom, "It's going to be ok, I delivered bears before." I couldn't make this up and it even says so on my birth certificate.

2. Growing up all I wanted to be was a doctor, a pediatric cardiologist to be precise. Then I wanted to study Art History. Now I'm an Art History major who is studying to take her MCATS. Amazing how it comes full circle.

3. I burn really easy so I slather myself in SPF 70 head to toe everyday in expensive sunblock. I have the freckles to prove I wasn't this careful in my younger years.

4. I have a weakness for diamonds, handbags, and shoes like every other woman on the Earth. However, I do buy my own diamonds, handbags, and shoes because I wait for no man, life has taught me that.

5. When I was 6 I got kicked out of Grace Brethren Christian Academy for asking too many questions. It was awesome and has set a precedent for my life ever since. Now I am studying to become Jewish, funny how that worked out.

6. I grew up near the ocean and find God there. It's my church. Too bad I now live in the desert.

7. My Dad tells me when I was four I asked him everyday if we could buy a cow. I have no idea why.

8. Cottage cheese, tomatoes, and meatloaf gross me out. I wouldn't eat any of it if it was the last things on Earth to eat-I would rather die.

9. I have a weakness for The Beatles, they would be my deserted island music selection.

10. The first great love of my life was a boy named Joshua Olsen. He broke my heart and I did a lot of drugs to fill the void.

11. My best friend, Elizabeth, I met the first day of my new school when I moved to New Mexico. I heart her all over.

12. I have seen first hand the power the Meth has over people's lives, it's insane. Thank God Lissa came out on the other hand.

13. At the age of 18 I bought a house. Now my aunt rents it from me. It's an awesome tax deduction.

14. I used to work at a fondue restaurant for 3.5 years. Then one day I walked out and never went back.

15. I am a strong believer in karma. What goes around always comes around.

16. I have two tattoos and am working on my third.

17. And 7 piercings. I used to have more but I get bored fast and take them out.

18. I am addicted to Starbucks. I get a venti iced soy upside down carmel macchiato when it's warm out side and a venti soy extra hot chai when it's cold. It's a very expensive vice.

19. I don't believe in Christmas, it's too over the top and I don't really buy it.

20. I study Latin. As well as French and Italian even though I live in New Mexico and half the streets are in Spanish.

21. I'm a visual learner which also translates into me being messy. I just like to see everything, if I don't I forget I have it.

22. I'm old fashioned when it comes to relationships and will never live with someone unless we are married. Been there, done that. I don't care how much money it will save "us". If you would like to play house with me, let's make it official and at least buy me a ring and have a kick ass party surrounded by the people we love. Plus, we could even get housewares. Think about it...

23. I once got regressed and was told I died in a gas chamber at the hands of the Nazi's. Maybe that's why in this life I'm a blond haired blue eyed Aryan child who hates the sound of the German language and is converting to Judaism.

24. When I was around 7 I got ran over by my own bike. Twice. In the same week. By my best friend at the time.

25. Quitting the ganja was the easiest addiction I have ever had to break, it was all mind over matter.