Monday, May 12, 2008

Snarkyness is Rampant

So I think the end of Sara and Adam is fast approaching.
I wasn't going to write about what happened because I figured that it would all just work itself out in the end, but alas we are in two different places-almost light years apart from one another. Adam just doesn't understand me at the fundamental level and I think that he never will. He doesn't get that I don't like to be called a cunt or reminded of how I used to big of words. He constantly calls me a "Trust Fund Baby" and always tells me to "Go ask your father for money" when he gets angry. Or to be really mean, he will call me crazy like Kat, which used to piss me off like no other, but now I'm like "You haven't seen crazy" from me.

He can't even respect the fact that I have some major finals going on and is just unsympathetic towards me to the point where I just lost it today. I started to scream at him something really snarky and condescending.

Then he hung up on me and I laughed, manically like the joker on crack, which is never a good sign. So now we are "chilling out" whatever that means it's not like it was ever forever.

I need someone who is going to be nice to me especially during finals. Can someone throw me a bone or at least send me flowers? Didn't think so, boys like that just don't exist anymore and it makes me sad. I just want romance and love, perhaps someone who understands me and doesn't scream at me when he is still drunk at 8 am. Is that asking too much?

But something happened Saturday night that made me realize that there is love in the world. Jessica and Ben got engaged in front of all their loved ones at a party disguised by Paul's 50th birthday. It was so sweet and Jessica had no idea what was going on, it was fantastic. I asked Jessica what she loves about Ben and she said, "He makes me laugh." I want someone who makes me laugh with them not at me perhaps about llamas. Anywho some pics from the weekend!

Nothing too special but still fun kids!

That's all I got, now I must study for finals and run my ass off!