Friday, May 9, 2008

Dear Modern Dance Class,

I just wanted to take some time out and say how much fun I had with all my fellow students this semster in Modern Dance. Since the age of 4 I have been in some sort of dance class due to my abounding energy and drive for movement and thought for a brief moment of time (like 5 years) that I was going to be a ballerina. High school came and I was in drill team and cheerleading having bunches of fun in each. Then my senior year hit and life got the best of me and I didn't dance for five years.

However, since 2007 kicked my ass I promised myself to find the "true Sara" and realized that I had to go back to dancing. This is when I found my Modern Dance class at UNM. When I registered it was the very last spot and I knew at that moment it was meant to be. Having no other true friends that go to UNM, I had to fly this one solo and I'm so happy that I did.

To make a long story short, I made some wonderful friends in this class, especially Candice-who I instantly bonded with and some people thought we were sisters, along with Amy and Jeff. This was our core group and we put on a kick ass performance that took the cake. I will never forget pasties and glow sticks.

To Ashley- thank you so much for pushing me and making me feel really connected to my body and the movement. You have brought up a passion in me that only makes me want to work harder on myself. Your patience and enthusiasm with the class is astounding seeing that you aren't that much older than me and I wish you well in your dance endeavours.

To Stewart- the live music you played all semester really made the class what it was. Your ability to do such wonderfully interesting musical mingling was such a delight. Also the one movement and music class you taught was really cool. I hope to see you around with the drum box you sat on.

To Gloves, Purple Pants, California Roll, and Myrtle- you provided Candice and I with hours of entertainment even though you had no idea we were talking about you.

I am really going to miss our fours hours a week on Tuesday and Thursday, it gave me something to look forward to just for myself. Good luck to all and keep on dancing.