Friday, April 11, 2008

Pizza Virgin

I have been lazy the last few days on this blog, but I blame it on my Art History and Latin tests that I had Thursday and Friday. My apologies.

Top Chef night, which happens at Casa de Kat and Cliff every Wednesday, has risen to a new level with the addition of Make your own Pizza Night. Now I am ashamed to say that I was a Make Your Own Pizza Night virgin until now and am glad to say that it went swimmingly. Here is my creation:

Piled with everything and the kitchen sink, it turned out better than I could have imagined. It felt really good to eat something that I know I had created, I should really cook more.

Thursday I went to school and took my Art History test, went to lectures, and then to Modern Dance where we are creating our own choreography. However, I think my group is taking this assignment (that is only worth participation points) way too seriously because it's been two days of working on it in class and we still only have 7 eight counts of the 40ish that we need. We are going to work on it Sunday to finish it. That is what happens when you put four overzealous college students whose worth is measured on how much better our dance is better than the others; we are insane perfectionists. Our concept is really cool with our music that we are caught in a storm with my partner and I being that rain/ocean and the other pair being the "lovers" caught in the storm looking for refuge. See I told you we are taking this to the extreme.

Thursday night I went back over to Casa de Kat and Cliff and watched Step It Up and Dance with Kat and Kathy and then went home and passed out. Good times. Now it's Friday and I'm in my office getting ready to do a huge spreadsheet that takes me days to compile information on. And guess what, it's due Monday! I do this every time it's due, procrastinate until I start to hyperventilate. But it always finds a way to get done, somehow. Maybe the spreadsheet gnomes come and fix it for me?

I hope the spreadsheet gnomes make your day, peace.