Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Rain in Albuquerque...nothing rhymes with Albuquerque

Where to start?

Well it's raining here in the desert which means no one can remember how to drive and guaranteed that it will be one messy commute, but we needed the moisture so bad that this is nothing but fantastic.

My IT guy, Robert, was in my office for hours installing updates-this is why I have a Mac- and we still couldn't map the drives together for the printer. So, he has to come back on Friday and give it another try. Good Times, good money for him!

I have an Art History test tomorrow that I just started reading for. In my defense it is the second time I have seen this material and I just need to get the dates and location right and I should be fine. But I'm out for blood this semester with my grades so anything less than a solid A will just not cut it. Oh well it is not even five so I still have hours to look at the information and read.

I didn't make it to Hip Hop today with the IT guy just leaving and the rain I would never make it from the heights to UNM- it's just not going to happen. Oh well I'll still make it to the gym sometime today between now and ten when they close, hopefully. Tonight is Top Chef too.....what is a a girl to do?

On a side note, I should not search MySpace or Facebook for old boyfriends especially ones who broke up with you, peeped on your heart, and left you in the fight for your life. When I signed up for Facebook it sent invites to all the people in my address book including the gay ex. To my astonishment he agreed to add me and I have been on a recon mission to snoop and pry. It only left me feeling worse and sick to my stomach. Seeing him happy and living his life is just making me feel inadequate. It's been over a year for crying out loud and I still get to this point all over again- feeling like I'm worthless because he left me and went on living his life. Half of me wants to crawl into bed watching Will and Grace eating a box of donuts; the other half is saying, "Get your smart beautiful ass to the gym and study for your Art History test so you can get the hell out of New Mexico and meet your handsome Jewish doctor!" Hopefully the later wins out, but some days I fell like shit and get closer to the person I was and it's just not pretty.

I got my first follower on Twitter yesterday, a cute boy who is in Sweden currently, good times. That's all I got.