Friday, April 11, 2008

Naked Sara

Barista: What can we get started for you?
Me: A Venti iced soy vanilla latte
Barista: Awesome! Can I get a name?
Me: *looking around the empty Starfizzle* what?
Barista: enthusiastically- Can I get a name?
Me: *still looking at the empty Starfizzle* Sara with no h. I'm a naked Sara.
Barista: *looking caught off guard by that remark* Sara....naked

A few minutes go by, Starfizzle is still empty
Barista: I have a venti soy iced vanilla latte for naked Sara


I just ventured out of my office for the first time to make a deposit at the bank.

Mental Note: Never go to the Bank of America in Uptown at 4:00 on a Friday to deposit cash, it's super busy (duh smart one) and you might get shanked. PS why are all the signs in Spanish? I know we are in New Mexico where half the streets names are Spanish but there is only one teller that actually speaks Spanish and we are in one of the nicest part of Albuquerque....

After that I rewarded my self with a small piece of heaven. Behold the almighty Starfizzle...
Do you like how my stapler is placed beside it so you know that I'm actually doing work, not just sitting in my office eating Madeleines contemplating life.

Now I must be getting back to working only one more hour than I am free to go to the gym!