Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Operation No Jiggly Ass

Cliff: "I'm German, so I know my chocolate."
Me: "Well I'm Dutch, so we smoke pot."
So much to talk about, where to start?

I woke up with a hunger for a cheeseburger like no one's business and dying to listen to Dave Matthews Band. It was quite strange.

I ran around like a crazy woman today for work and have finally gotten to my desk to do my actual work and it's almost 5:00 and I have four hours of crap to work on. Hip Hop is just going to have to wait for next week, hope my group doesn't kill me, but one must pay the bills although all I want to do is go to the gym.

While sitting in Bank of America for the good portion of two hours today to do a wire transfer that took five minutes, I wrote the following on Sven:
And they both smiled at one another like they both have some secret membership into the low hanging ta ta club. Gazes were meet with a simple smile saying to one another acknowledging that yes our boobies do hang low and although there are many wondrous advances have been made with over the shoulder boulder holders in the last five years, we choose to have non perky boobs. Its our stab at woman's lib and our fat husbands like it!

Mean I know but if you had seen the six, count them six, women in a row who need immediate help in the boob department you would have said something too. I almost want to stage an intervention to help humanity. Please shoot me if my boobs ever look like that.
Operation No More Jiggly Ass has finally commenced last night Kat went to the gym for the first time with me. To my surprise this Nazi trainer side of me came out and I kicked her ass. I would be screaming at her, "Give me three more!" she would finish and I would make her do a wall sit. Great fun. I'm sore all over though too in our great gym effort but it's all ok.

Adam Adam Adam, where do I even begin? Him and I have know one another since the good ol' days at the Pot and have since rekindled our friendship and it's really nice having someone to talk to about life that is not girl related. He calls me buddy and it makes me blush like a school girl and tells me I'm pretty. But he texts me in the morning-at the risk of sounding like a loon, it makes me feel special that someone, anyone, wants to speak to me since it has been months since anyone has even wanted to talk to me. Tuesday I spent upwards of seven hours texting with him back and forth, I mean I have never done that with anyone much less Adam whom I have known for years. But part of me feels guilty maybe it's cause I don't think that I deserve to have someone to talk to in some demented way but it feels really nice.

Anyway, he will be in Albuquerque on the 21st of this month for a week and I just hope that it doesn't end up like the David disaster of March 2008. But truth be told I'm anxious and excited to see him in person and have since decided that I need a manicure and pedicure along with a MysticTan. We are making plans, not dates we are not dating, to hang out next week. I'm going to take him out to dinner one night and I think that it will be super exciting.

But the negative creeps up and I fear like I'm giving him too much at times not letting him chase and this one, like all the rest, will end up in flames smoldering like California with nothing but time to extinguish them. I am making myself too available, telling him too many secrets sober, and giving him what he wants-I need to stop this addiction to the attention that has only been going on for a few days. This why friends don't let friends have constant access on their Blackberry to boys who like to text back. This is why I have been on a boy break because I give myself too much and forget who I am. Plus the last one turned out gay so....