Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blurry Eyes

Can you believe it's Sunday already, which means Monday is just around the bend and the cycle begins yet again. No fun.

Let's see what I can remember about this weekend. Friday night I went to the gym after work, which was a true test of if I wanted to go because a special event was going on and parking was no where to be found. But I made it and did my three miles along with my "circuit" leaving me to feel like a bad ass. After that I went to go pick up Ryan from work (and waited for him for almost two hours) and while I was there I saw my boss, J, with these two young girls who instantly looked me up and down in my nasty gym clothes and gave me the dirtiest look I have gotten in awhile. I just laughed knowing how much shit he was going to talk about them when I saw him next. Sure enough, I saw him Friday night at two in the morning and he proceeded to tell me about all his exploits of the evening. Stupid girls.

Saturday I worked at the salon and had to listen to all the prom girls, giving me a headache and putting me in a foul mood. I got into this funk after that which was unshakable for hours after. Nothing could cheer me up, even seeing Liz didn't make me feel that much better. The only thing that worked was sleeping it off. Maybe I'm hormonal or something. It was not fun. The only fun thing that happened on Saturday was Angie playing with my hair resulting into a cool up-do.

I know it's not the best picture and don't you love the Blackberry shadow.
The other isn't so hot either, but hopefully you get the gist.
Now it's Sunday and I have been at work since 11:00 am and it's just now turning four, doing spreadsheets and payroll that is due tomorrow. My head is hurting and my eyes are getting blurry. Then at 7:00 I have to go and finish working on our Modern dance thing and all I want to do is go home and sleep the rest of the day away. Oh well, things must be done.
Random Question: Have you hear the Once soundtrack? It's fantastic and if you haven't seen the movie you should definitely do that too.
Back to the Spreadsheet I go.