Monday, September 29, 2008


Sundown starts the year of 5769 in the Jewish calendar and since this is my first Rosh Hashanah I thought I would sit down and put out into the universe the things I would like to accomplish:
  • Travel-so far on the horizon is NYC in October, New Years in California and Mexico with my brother, Austin for spring break in March 2009, wedding in Chicago in May 2009, and then Europe for Summer in 2009. 
  • Read more than I have been
  • Meet new people and maybe find someone to date. But like big kid date, none of this hanging out going no where. I want a real tangible relationship with someone I care about.
  • Test my boundaries physically (maybe I'll start small with a 5k or something), creatively (more photography) and emotionally. I really want to see how powerful the mind is.
That's all I have so far. I wish you are yours a happy 5769 l'shanna tov!