Thursday, May 8, 2008


It's finals week and it sucks ass. I'm grumpy,my blood sugar is higher than a moat, and it's almost one in the morning and my paper is due at 2. Oh did I tell you that I have a real final at 11:00 am too and I'm out of Starbucks money? (yes I know a run on, but my brian is fried). This paper isn't even close to being done and to be honest I have no motivation to do keep trying at it. I know I will wake up at 6 am drenched in sweat about all the crap I have to do in ten hours. I HATE SCHOOL WHEN IT GETS LIKE THIS! I just want to, I don't even know what I want. Thoughts of my paper and slide images for my Art History II class just keep streaming across my head, like blimp type, and it just won't stop. If all else fails, I won't go to classics but I need to, to finish.

My paper has no thesis, it's all over the place, and has just strange sentences thrown together. Oh, did I tell you that I have known about this paper for about a month. I always do this. Every freakin time. Procrastination is my forte, I'm a pro. I could teach you my skills of putting off papers until the very last minute. And the worse part? This is my major so I need to be really good at this so one day I can go to more school and sound smart to my fellow art lovers. At least it is not math, that's a plus.

Alright kids, back to paper writing. SCHOOL SUCKS ASS! Sorry if I can't spell.