Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Day of April

So yea, it's Wednesday and I am currently freezing my ass off in my office as I type this. It's beautiful outside, glorious, and why do people insist on turning the air down to 65? Weren't we just bitching two weeks ago how freaking cold it was outside and then you go and bring the outside inside? I'm just asking. If I was in charge it would be 80 in here and I would have a window or something too, but I'm not in charge, yet, and my suffer in the fridge known as my office. Oh well I'll just get another sweater from my car making it my fourth layer of the day and suffer making files and spreadsheets.

Today is Administrative Professionals Day, which is what I am along with many unpleasant G-d awful names that Jason likes to call me on a daily basis, and I didn't get anything from either one of my bosses. That kinda sucks. I bet they don't even know there is a day where you give flowers to the chick who runs your life and makes sure your bills get paid.

What else? The Starfizzle guy in Zimmerman, to whom I go to daily, spelled my name wrong even after I said, "Sara S-A-R-A." Then what does he go and do? He puts a G-d forsaken H on my name which I had to stare at for the duration of my Starfizzle experience. Here is the evidence:
It's not the best picture since I was running my ass to my 20th Century Photography lecture that had started, but you can see it, the elusive H. I hate that H. That H made me get my passport denied twice because of my two legal names Sara Diane and Sarah Diana (I go by Sara Diana just to stick it to the man).
What else? Oh I have new people following me on Twitter, which is oh so fun, and it makes me feel like someone wants to sit with the new girl at lunch. And on a random side note, the day I changed my picture on MySpace I got 14 new friend requests. That just shows you what a new haircut can do for everyone.