Monday, April 28, 2008

It's Like Camping Without the Fire

It's been a few days folks and my do I have some stuff to tell all of you.

On Saturday night I went and saw Kayne West in concert and it was hands down, the best concert I have ever seen. He is such a visionary and performer that he entrances all 30,000 people who were freezing their asses off. IT WAS SO COLD! No really, like freezing and I felt so bad for all the girls wearing shorts with tank top and flip-flops. Liz and I were bundled up and almost couldn't hang, if fact Jason and Ryan left because they were so cold even though Liz and I sacrificed the blanket to the boys.
Liz sumed it up in this one thought, "It's like all the really shitty parts of camping with out the warm fire." It was so true. Thank G-d for the fishy blanket.

If it was only twenty degrees warmer we would have has the time of our lives, but alas we put up with the tundra.
Don't we look cute?

That night after Liz went home, I picked up Adam at almost 3:00 am and we were both so crabby we just fought with one another; it wasn't pretty and he was "so wasted" he didn't remember anything. Oh well, we kissed and made up and I bought him breakfast on Sunday morning. Sunday night we had Adam's farewell dinner at Casa de Kat and Cliff and hung out for the rest of the night. Adam slept his last night over at my house and we were both so exhausted from the entire week of drinking too much wine, staying up until three every morning, and making sweet sweet love that we just passed out. Then Monday came and I had to pretend to be an adult with a job and bills and crap that it's been a rough transition.

I took Adam to the airport and we said our goodbye's and I was such a big girl and haven't cried yet. It's going to be a big shock coming home to an empty bed with no one telling me how much they hate me (he is kidding when he tells me that, he just doesn't want to tell me how much he hearts me). And what is really sad is that there are no pictures of Adam and I and all our fun adventures of this last week. I planned to make fun movies on my Mac, but it never happened. Oh well he will be back in a month.....