Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here now and where to go?

For the last few months since my recent update, life hasn't really changed all too much. I moved into a smaller, more affordable place that I can call all my own. It's small and the toliet randomly flushes, but no boy has broken my heart in it so that rocks!

School has been going really good and I am loving my dance classes. They have sparked a passion that was always there but like many other things, under layers of fat that needed to be exposed. Hip hop gets the best of me sometimes cause I can't find a groove, but the white girl in me is trying hard. Maybe I need a hat? Modern rocks and since we have gotten back from Spring Break it has only gotten better. Yesterday we did ab work and I woke up sore-it was great. Classics is such a wonderful class and I'm happy that I waited to embark on Homer's greatness until my twenties otherwise I wouldn't have really cared about it. My goodness the Iliad is amazing filled with such richness. It clearly shows that in two thousand years man hasn't really changed with war, love, strife, anger, and brutality.

What else? Trying to keep up with yoga, but the only time I can go is six in the morning and most days I can't get my ass up to take a shower at nine so there is no way I'm getting up at six. Plus, I'm trying to be good in school keeping up with reading and that usually keeps me up until one or two.

Work is going great. There are always battles that can't be won, but for the most part we are only getting bigger and getting steps closer to taking over the world. Just kidding.

That's all I have right now, but it's my resolve to post everyday even if no one reads it.