Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Been Awhile

My goodness, I have been away for awhile. Where have you been you may ask? Well, since life is about to get a lot more complicated I have had to get my ducks in a line i.e. finding a new place to live and doing laundry.

So I think I have found a new place to live by school. And get this it's walking distance to yoga like two blocks or something like that. Also I can take the bus to school (some of you may be thinking Sara taking the bus?!) so that will save me money on gas and parking. It's just is so strange I used to be so excited to be going back to school back in October when I didn't realize how busy I was going to be. Now it's only a week away when I go back and I'm kinda freaking out. Not in a bad way freaking out just a realization that I need to get my stuff together and either put up or shut up. There is no room for error here in big kid university life. I'm now dealing with a system that uses thins attached to letter grades.

I need to get back into yoga everyday no excuses. I feel fat again no longer relishing in my new found biceps and quads. I'm getting mushy.