Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Lazy Asses

I am so sick of lazy people, so sick I want to scream. I am tired of people who are not living up to their full potential just because they want to sleep in until 9:30 everyday. This is the entire mindset of a certain someone I know who can do so much yet absolutely refuses to get up and do anything about it.
"I'm tired" he says.
"Well you would have more energy if you worked out and ate something better than mall food"
"But I can't get up at 6:30 to be at class at 7:30 and it's too far" (Please keep in mind it's like 15 mins away)

Seriously, this is what I am up against all day. He gets excited about something school, the gym, or reading a particular book and then BAM the doubt sets in and then very next day when I want to proceed he tells me to forget about it. WTF? I cannot stand this toxic state of thinking. This might sound very hippy, but to be able to get up and have the body, mind, money, and resources that he does- is a gift. And for him to want to miss all these opportunities just because he wants to stay in bed for an extra hour boggles my mind.

This next semester I am going to be working at least two jobs and getting up at 5am to be to yoga by 6 then go to school until 6 at night were I have 4 dance classes on top of the other 5 I am taking. And he wants to tell me that he can't get up at 6:30 so he can work out, I'm so over the mindset.

So what do I do? Ride his ass and show him the studies that show a direct correlation between exercise and sleep? Show him that when he does start working out he will sleep better and hopefully start eating better and this in turn will have a positive effect on him total well being? But deep down I know that no matter how hard you push someone, unless they want, it nothing will change.

Change your Body, Change your Life.