Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Wedding Blues

Saturday night I attended the wedding reception of Michelle, my bank teller, and Jere at the Officers Club located at Kirkland Air force Base. I couldn't attend the ceremony because I was stuck at the salon all day, but the reception started at six and I arrived at seven. Now I tell you the boring details because:
  1. I was late
  2. I was dateless
  3. I didn't know anyone but Michelle and two other peeps who work at the bank

Now arriving late gave me limited seating possibilities due to the fact that there were no place cards. So me walking in late, having to stop to get gas in the ghetto wearing a hot black dress and four inch heels dressed way too cold realizing that I do in fact need a nice coat, and getting lost on base, lead me to have to sit with complete strangers since the other two peeps table was full. Walking in late and cold, I scanned the room to see that the only table that wasn't empty was filled with couples who clearly knew one another. Now anyone who truly knows me, knows that I rarely have a problem making friends with complete strangers at any given moment, but I felt intimidated and cursed myself for letting myself show up without someone.

I sat down, we exchanged names and I learned that they were work friends of the groom. We made pleasant conversation you know the obligatory "Oh the venue is so nice, the colors really work well together" "The bride is beautiful" "Look how tossed the groom's aunt is" "The food is actually good" and so on. Now usually I am the great wedding guest- I always get them something from their registry, cry at all the emotional moments, dance both the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide, and raise my glass and clink with the best of them. However this time was different and I don't really know why. Sitting in the beautiful room surrounded by celebratory energy, I felt more alone than I have for months. I had no one to dance with and no one even asked me to. I was all dressed up with no prospectives on the horizons. But there were really no cute single boys there anyway. What's up with that?

So I stayed until they cut the cake and did all the mandatory dances, and hightailed it out of there. It was Saturday night and I was home at 9:45 laying in bed watching Sex and the City pondering how my life got like this. Dateless and home on Saturday night. No one ever found anything by sitting home alone. So this was the event that broke the camel's back and have now made it a mission for 2008 to be the year of the Social Sara. You have been warned....