Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Mexico Warrior Dash 2012 Recap

So just so we all know, I didn't win. However I did have an acceptable time of 1:11:47:50 placing me 7925 out of 8396. Honestly I am just happy I didn't die walking through the sand storms, but more about that later.

So the morning of the Warrior Dash was busy, I had to take my Pilates final at 11:00 and we had to head straight from there to the battleground in Tijeras, NM. I spoke to a fellow class make and she told me that she went up there this morning as she was supposed to run at 8:30 but turned back around because she knew she was going to be late for her final. Needless to say I knew we were in for a long haul to the starting line.

The short of the story was it took us 2.5 hours just to get into and park. We crawled 9 slow miles up and down hills in the middle of freakin no where. I saw 5 different men run to the bushes to pee. We also missed our 2 o'clock run time and had to run the 3:30. The only good thing is the lady at packet pick up quizzed me on my age asking me if my parent signed my release. Well I am 26, but will still take that as a compliment.

 This is llama and I making our stink faces while crawling in traffic. 

The race was hellish. I was prepared for the course as I had studied the course layout many times, but never did it state that the entire thing was uphill. With WIND. The sand blowing everywhere was horrid and there was nothing you could do to make it any better. At one point I told myself that I would rather be in active labor and we all know I had Archer without any drugs, so life has to be pretty bad to make me ever want to go back to that point in time. 

There was so much damn crawling under barbed wire. At one point I was bleeding down my leg but then the wind came and I didn't notice my bleeding knee. 

Also the obstacles on the course looked like the Lincoln Middle School Shop class slapped them together. Plywood and 2 by 4's do not a steady structure make. By the time we ran, pieces of them had broken off due to the weight of people on them. I was greatly disappointed in the sub par obstacles that I encountered throughout the course. Also the height of the scary obstacles really took a toll on my mind. I had to calm myself down a few times as I hoisted my self 2 stories in the air while being supported on something comprised of Lowe's materials. It got so bad that I just simply walked around two of them as I did not trust the structural soundness of some of them. I literally watched them shake as llama did them. 

There were a few highlights on the course. Jumping through/over fire was exciting. So was the spider crawl. Llama's favs were the giant net at the end and the mud pit. 

Honestly I am just glad the entire thing is over, I didn't break anything and I am not stuck in that damn parking lot anymore. Oh and they gave everyone a banana at the end. The banana was awesome. 

Would I do it again? Perhaps in another state. Never again in New Mexico. Too much dirt, sand and crappy logistics. 

Now onto the pictures. Sorry there aren't any while we were in the grounds, I left my phone in the car. 

llama with his medal covered in the delicious mud/dirt

Me with my medal, I have no idea how I came out so clean. Also love the medal imprint on my boob. 

Required happy to be done with it shot.