Monday, May 7, 2012

Ever Get a Towel Stuck in you Liftgate Lock? Well I did!

So yesterday after the Run for the Zoo, I somehow managed to royally screw up my trunk. I have a Mariner, it's like a Ford Escape, so the back opens up to the interior space. Well after llama changed Archer on a towel that was clean and left over from the Warrior Dash, I closed the trunk somehow managing to position the towel just so it aligned with the lock.

I jammed a towel in my trunk lock and got it stuck. We only found this out after my "Liftgate Open" light kept taunting me. After pulling over and realizing what I did, llama couldn't get it to budge. It was only after getting home hours later and using a crow bar, pair of scissors and brute force did he free the piece of towel I managed to close the lock on.

Of all parts of the towel, I managed to close it on the huge tag. Seriously I wonder how I do these things. Also thank goodness for llama, his ingenuity never ceases to amaze me.