Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Today in 20th Century Latin American Art (which is taught by the Dean of Fine Arts @UNM) handed our midterms back. As we went over material that she thought we needed to clarify, she read aloud from the papers that she thought covered the question best, were thought provaking, or just an overall nice piece of writing.

My palms were sweaty as she went deeper into topics we should have already gotten by week 12 as she drilled the class on concepts.

Then she began to read from the Midterms.

After the fourth one mine came up regarding cartography and she read my entire introduction to class. I was elated.

When she handed them back I saw a 95 for the entire Midterm, 15% of my grade for the class. Going into my research paper and take home final my lowest grade is a 90. Can you believe it?

Hard work does pay off and getting fired was the best thing to happen to me academically. Finally.